“This is an excellent product and it has significantly improved the performance of my snow blower. I highly recommend this! The modification worked so well that recently I cleared my driveway of about 2 inches of heavy wet snow (almost slush) and the machine was throwing it more than 20 feet whereas in the past I would not have it even bother trying. Additionally, customer service is outstanding. These folks at SBIK clearly do their best to make sure that their customers have a good outcome with their product.” – Patrick from Mass.





A must have for any snow blower that clogs up or doesn’t throw snow very far, whether your machine is new or old! You might find a similar kit for less somewhere else, but other’s are just cheap Chinese copies of SBIK’s kits and don’t offer the same quality or excellent service and support like they do. – getitdone53

I am very pleased with this kit, it came with all the hardware and complete instructions. Installation was simple. I even got additional communication from the seller, SBIK. I indeed recommend this item from this seller. Don’t buy from anyone else! -  pieray_10 


SBIK went above and beyond answering all questions I had about the product and the install before my purchase. The install docs, FAQs, and specs provided are also top notch. He customized the blades to fit my machine and shipped the day after the order was placed. Top notch Ebay merchant.- blmmstock


ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜ª¤.¸`*•.¸*•¸★☆☆GREATEBAYER☆☆★¸•*¸.•*´¸.¤ª˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª Thank You, A+ -  ss_ohio 


Thank you, perfect in every way. Excellent service from SBIK. Love this product - saabdocter 


My snow blower cub cadet 30” track now throws snow 25’ + & does not clog any more -  jopjpa-zq9rwj


I installed the kit yesterday and we received 12 inches of wet snow last night.Wow, my 20 year old snowblower performed better than i can ever remember. It is hard to believe. Thx! I should have installed this kit years ago. Seller shipped very quickly. I have already told two friends about the kit. We live in the mtns in Colorado and clear snow quite often. -  spooner_rooner


What a great improvement and all the right parts and detailed instructions! Quality product from SBIK. Hot rod your two stage snow blower and cover the neighbor’s driveway with the increased output and no clog performance ! Great product! -  jeff99shodudewilliams


Great Communication, Fast Shipping, Nice Kit, Good Instructions, Smooth Transaction, Thank You -  in-fish


Nice kit with super thorough instructions/documentation; these instructions could be worth the price alone, thanks! – rifmaus


This is great. First test was after getting wet snow (rain after a snow storm). Blower would normally clog up but with these after 45 minutes there was no clogging. Snow is being thrown much further. Would never own a snowblower without these again. -  jkajw


Excellent seller, product is exactly what was expected. Thank you SBIK!- dave515matt

Great seller, FAST shipping, and high quality product. Will buy from again. - wreg1508

SBIK  is hands down the best seller I've ever dealt with on EBay. - ps-rider

A+++ Great Seller A+++ Super-fast shipping A+++ Thanks!- greatfindsbyjoe

Fast shipment. item as described. A+- t758

Super fast shipping, item was as described. Thanks – yogaslackliner

Fast shipping, quality materials, good instructions.ponester

Very nice quality product. Thank you!. - jim15240

Works great! like I got a new snow blower! – martinloppe

This is a must have!!! Kit is well made, instructions are great!!!! - moua1986

SBIK- What a great seller and a product! – mbrahmer

Installed this as soon as it arrived, works well as advertised. Wowed the neighbors! - williamb413

Great Product, great communication. Super fast ship. Highly recommend - spconn3

Item was exactly as shown and described. Great seller. Thanks.menominie

GREAT! Perfect fit, easy to install GREAT SELLER!!!! - riz1959

Nice, well packed, arrived promptly to On. Can. thicker rubber then expected AAA - kdl-mg86


This kit is awesome now that I have it in place and the folks at SBIK went far above and beyond all expectations in helping me make this a successful installation and a very satisfying experience! Both the product and the SBIK are highly recommended! Bob S. 5.0 out of 5 stars  March 22, 2021 - Verified Purchase


I have a Troy Built Snow blower on tracks. This kit is awesome now that I have it in place. I live in the North-East so plenty of heavy wet snow. Now I like having a snow blower again. I was about to get rid of it and use a plow on the quad. Ron D. - 5.0 out of 5 stars January 29, 2020 -Verified Purchase


Installation is fairlyeasy if you are handy with tools.. This is my second set of these, both bought  from SBIK. Bought one set for my blower and another for my brothers. Both Cub Cadets. Eliminates the impeller gap. Throws slush like a water pump.Tom R. 5.0 out of 5 stars  March 03, 2021 - Verified Purchase


INSTALLED ON MY SEARS 26 INCH SNOWBLOWER, TOOK ABOUT1 1/2 hrs., now my machine is blowing snow farther and never clogs up! .Pete D. - 5.0 out of 5 stars  January 15, 2017 Verified Purchase



Randy Barnhart 5.0 out of 5 stars - March 4, 2019 Verified Purchase


I installed the product and just tried it out for the first time. We just got 5" of heavy snow and my modified snow blower worked great. It threw the snow farther than ever before and did not get clogged. It was like a brand new machine!!! Fraser Naklie  5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars  January 25, 2018 Verified Purchase


Works well as expected took a long time to install. But well worth it. No more ice clogged shoot and it throws snow much farther than before. The guys at SBIK helped me throughout the installation process and made sure I was satisfied with everything!  CHIPPER 4.0 out of 5 starsFour Stars  April 25, 2016 Verified Purchase


Well worth it! I installed this kit in about an hour and it is like night and day

 - Feb 25, 2022. A. VOLPE 5.0 out of 5 stars


This is a MUST if you purchase an inexpensive snow blower. I purchased a POWERSMART Snow Blower that continually clogged in wet and heavy snow and did not throw even dry snow all that far. I installed this kit in about an hour and it is like night and day. NO CLOGGING whatsoever and throws snow 25-30 feet now. A MUST have for the inexpensive snow blower owner. Alexis S. 5.0 out of 5 stars  March 7, 2018


Purchased this item about 8 years ago for a Sears snow blower. While it’s not easy to install ( fins are hard to get to ) but well worth the effort. It’s important to get the clearance correct or it will bog down the motor. Once installed snow was shooting 12 feet into the air and never had a wet snow or ice jam since installed. Hariwhit 5.0 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase


It should be standard equipment on all new snow blowers. The impeller kit eliminates the snow shoot from stopping up with wet snow. We had 16 inches of snow and with the impeller kit it was like having a more powerful machine. It threw the snow twice as far and the shoot did not stop up. Of course with wet snow it did not throw it as far; but it did not stop up. About a month before we had half the snow, and my new snow blower before I installed the impeller kit started stopping up with wet snow about every 10-15 ft. If you get a snow blower new or used, and it does not have a impeller kit, do yourself a big favor and get one and save yourself a lot of work.Alan T. 5.0 out of 5 stars  March 7, 2020


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