Two-stage snow blower isn't throwing snow like it used to?

Frustrated with clogged discharge chutes?

You need a Snow Blower Impeller Kit!

* Not recommended for plastic impeller blades

The Problem:

If your TWO-STAGE snow blower’s discharge chute keeps clogging up when you try to move very heavy or wet snow or slush, it is probably because there is a gap between the impeller blades (the 2nd set of vertical blades behind the main front horizontal auger blades) and the impeller chamber wall. 

This "gap" allows snow and slush to slip by the blades and build up in the chute clogging it. This gap also decreases the efficiency of the impeller's ability to propel the snow up the chute resulting in less throwing distance. This problem is well known to people with two-stage snow blowers and the easy and quick fix is to modify the impeller blades by adding a strip of rubber to them to eliminate this gap. If you have a single-stage snow blower, or your gap is less than 1/4" or greater than 5/8", you probably don't need or can't use this fix.

The Solution:

Install this Snow Blower Impeller Kit onto your two-stage snow blower and never fear another snow fall again!

*You can easily make an extra $50-$100 by modifying your friends, neighbors and relative's snow blowers with this kit.

Remember - This not only virtually eliminates the problem of wet snow clogging up the chute, but may increase the throwing distance of your snow blower by up to 30-50% or more! I say "virtually" because you can never completely eliminate clogging when the moisture content of the snow is over 50% (eg; very wet slush turns to ice in your chute), but for every 10 times you previously had to clean out your chute, you "might" only need to do it once with this kit installed and you will see a noticeable increase in throwing distance regardless!

By the way, you may be asking yourself why the manufacturers leave a gap between the metal impeller blades and the metal cylinder walls in which the impeller rotates. The reason is that the impeller’s bearing wears over time and this wear causes some degree of “wobble” in the impeller’s rotation. If the metal impeller blade was made to fit "flush" against the metal cylinder walls with no gap, there would be no tolerance for "rotational wobble". They leave this gap to accommodate this “wobble” if/when it happens and avoid a situation where you have metal scraping on metal. That could cause significant damage to the impeller and the cylinder walls in which it rotates requiring very expensive repairs. Since this modification uses rubber strips which wear down evenly as they come in contact with the cylinder walls, any possible future “wobble” in the impeller’s rotation is negated without compromising the snow blower’s operational integrity or efficiency at moving snow and slush.

Get this kit now and turn your snow blower into the snow-moving beast it was meant to be! 

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