Thousands of people have installed this product on their snow blowers and seen first-hand what a dramatic improvement in operational efficiency and throwing distance it makes.

This not only virtually eliminates the problem of wet snow clogging up the chute, but may increase the throwing distance of your snow blower by up to 30-50% or more! I say "virtually" because you can never completely eliminate clogging when the moisture content of the snow is over 50% (eg; very wet slush turns to ice in your chute), but for every 10 times you previously had to clean out your chute, you "might" only need to do it once with this kit installed and you will see a noticeable increase in throwing distance regardless!

Ari P.'s Impeller Modification Description video on YouTube which explains in great detail how this modification works and what benefits it will have on a snow blower's operational abilities.

To see real-life examples of this modification before you attempt this on your own snow blower, go to Youtube.com, search for “Snow Blower Impeller Kit™or variations on the same theme and watch the videos. You will be amazed at what you see!

(Disclaimer: We have absolutely no relationship with Ari P. and only offer this link for informational purposes, though we do have Ari's permission to link to his video. Thanks Ari! We only offer this link to his video because it provides a thorough independent explanation as to problems associated with two-stage snow blower impeller operations and the benefits of adding a modification kit such as this one to improve operational efficiency. Caveat Emptor!)

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